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Born in 1999, South Florida, a diaspora baby to the fullest.

BFA with Honours in Art + Technology from the University of Florida, 2021, studying for an MFA in Fine Arts at Manchester School of Art.


The Video Saloon - 2022

Dark Womb - 2022

hu the zine - 2022

Do Your Own Shit (Art+Tech Online Senior Show) - 2021

Dinner + No Show Zine - 2020

Convergence Group Show - 2020

Florida Queer History Zine - 2018

My main goal in life is to curate the presence only ghosts can have-- a monument of work that's undoubtedly real, but lacks the desired concrete body, avoiding forced placement and constantly transforming. This praises the erased essences that are perpetually ignored when they're not being misconstrued: my culture, my people, our sexualities; our fantasies; our tales.

Focusing on this disintegrating presence calls nostalgia, liminal spaces, obsolete internet, and archival efforts across multiple mediums into play. 
I take advantage of any tools and platforms that help me build these sites, working with videography, photogrammetry, collage, and textile. In exploring the old and new, I aim to create an ethnographic study of artifacts real or imagined.

The distortions of not only reality, but its certainty and memory, is important to me. And fun to explore!

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